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Man of Steel...

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 20, 2013, 1:08 AM

Got Man of Steel on the mind, gotta write something XP

Okay, so some backstory. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm into anime and manga, but when it comes to American comic books, I honestly couldn't care very much. I liked Batman, since I watched some of the cartoon as a kid and my babysitter used to let me watch the old movies, but beyond that, I never paid any attention to American superheros. I particularly have a grudge against Marvel superheros, just because I can't stand their movies. I could write a book as to why their irk me, just understand that I don't like Marvel very much. But when Christopher Nolan began his Batman series, I fell in love. I loved how the movies were mostly realistic and focused on so much of the human spectrum, rather than just being big explosions and witty one-liners and cool dudes. Then I loved Inception, which only boosted my faith in Nolan.

So when I saw the commercial for Man of Steel, at first, I didn't recognize it as Superman. I only realized it when the shot came of the Superman S stamp thingy. Then I was like "Oh no..." because up until then, I didn't like Superman. Sure, I saw some OLD Superman cartoons from like, the 50s on some of my mom's old VHS tapes, and I saw one of the Superman origins movie cartoons, but other than that, I knew practically nothing about Superman, just that he is apparently in the Justice League and is overpowered in every fighting game he's ever been put in. But that Man of Steel movie made me wanna watch it, plus Christopher Nolan's name was on it, so I thought I'd give Superman a try. He made Batman and Inception after all, to put his name on it, it has to be good.

I didn't watch Superman (I keep forgetting the movie's name is technically 'Man of Steel') the first few weeks it came out, and I wasn't in a hurry to watch it. I would have even settled for waiting until the DVD came out and then just rent it. But I had one day off, and we went to go see it. It was during the day rather than at night, so we could only see the Imax showing (not 3D). We paid, went in, sat down, I went back out to buy some popcorn and stuff. Then when I came back in, the movie was starting. 

I don't know what my expectations were for Superman, but OH MY GOD were they surpassed. Needless to say I LOVED Man of Steel, it's almost ridiculous how much I loved it. Until then, The Dark Knight Rises has been my favorite Superhero movie, but now Man of Steel may have topped it. That's not to say I'm gonna go out now and buy every Superman comic book I can find, or go back and watch the cartoons or anything, I have almost no intention of ever doing that. But it still doesn't stop me from enjoying this movie.

I honestly don't know much about the Superman lore, other than what the movie covered: Suprman being from Kryptonite, going to earth, etc etc. I just knew the basics. I thought the acting in the movie was pretty good, especially Zod, played by Michael Shannon. I found out I've seen Shannon before, in Bug, but that was so long ago that I didn't recognize him at first. His performance is probably one of the reasons why I loved Man of Steel so much. My greatest critique about Man of Steel would be Lois Lane. I can't remember her actress' name, but for some reason she really annoyed me. And I know for a fact that Lois Lane has black hair, so for some reason that bothered me deeply as well.

My ultimate favorite part about Man of Steel were the FIGHT SCENES. They were spectacular, and in IMAX. Not since Casshern have I seen movies animate human bodies in fights to look so fluid and elegant. I'm sure they were almost completely computer animated, but they LOOKED awesome. Maybe it's because there was something very DBZ-like and anime-like about the way they fought and moved in battle. It wasn't chunky, quick shots, you could tell they spent a good chunk of time making these fights look great. I heard someone complain that the fight lasted too long, but for me, it was okay. I felt the long fights was a way to make Superman look like Superman. 
And that last fight with Zod was amazing. I fell in love with Zod's character. The last struggle between him and Superman actually had me yell "Do it!" at the screen. I was THAT into the movie.

I watch a good bit of movies, and it's rare when I walk out of a movie theater with this excited, happy gait that I had watching out of Man of Steel. I was sincerely disappointed when the credits rolled, I wanted more. I haven't felt that way since I saw Dark Knight Rises and the Hobbit. 

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hey guess what? I have two movies that I think that you might have as well. the hobbit, and  iron man 3.


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Where are you at? I'm out in Kodiak.
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THAT'S RIGHT. You also wanted one of that guy and his family right, the one you sent to me in a note? I'll have to work on that one next!

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it's okay. i'll like it any wways!
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